Dr. Wolcott, NP & PAs

Dr. Wolcott began his wound care practice over 11 years ago and has been practicing medicine for 28 years. He is passionate about healing his patients, which has resulted in his quest for the best medical advances in wound care. His personal research at the Wound Care Center’s own Research and Testing Laboratories and his collaboration with numerous experts in the wound care field have earned him international recognition. His work has been published in several textbooks, as well as prominent journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association and Journal of Wound Care. Also, he is often asked to lecture across the country and in parts of Europe and the United Kingdom at various medical societies and universities. More important than his professional credentials, though, is his love for his family and his heart for his patients. He is supported by his rather large family—his wife Jenna and his six children. He has devoted his life to healing even the “nonhealable” wounds, believing that he can treat, but God will heal.


Jose Elizondo and Christy Hale

Dr. Wolcott is closely assisted by two of the best physician’s assitants (PAs) in wound care, Jose Elizondo and Christy Hale.

Jose “Joey” Elizondo received his Associate of Science, Registered Nursing, from Del Mar University in Corpus Christi, and his PA certification from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. He has been working in the medical field for 17 years. He served as a marine for 8 years and he is a strong supporter of his alma mater. He enjoys running, playing baseball, collecting baseball cards, and camping.

Christy Hale received her Bachelor of Science, PA Studies, from the University of Texas, Pan America, after completing basic health science coursework at Texas Tech University. She has been a Physician’s Assistant for almost 10 years and is a certified wound specialist. She has been married for 7 years, and is a proud mother to her daughter, Lily, and her son, Nate.