Case Histories

Case studies are an excellent way to demonstrate to other wound care practitioners, and to patients, what possible treatment advances and options there are. We are constantly amazed by how wounds can cause such devastation to feet and legs. Yet, with attention to wound-care principles, an open mind, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to heal a wound, even the absolute worst wounds can heal, limbs can be salvaged, and the limb can actually be functional. Look through some of our case histories and see if you agree that the human body’s ability to heal itself is truly awe-inspiring.

In the case below, a 86 year old woman with trauma resulting in large area of skin necrosis and underlying hematoma. Healed completely over eight months using combination of therapies; including debridement, wound vac, antibiofilm agents

In this case, a 53 year old man with a 2.5 inch diabetic foot ulcer healed completely over seven months using combination of debridement and antibiofilm agents

Diabetic wound

54 y/o diabetic male with limited resources presents with severe diabetic foot infection into the bone. Had seen podiatry and general surgery with amputation below knee recommended. He declined and over 5 months healed completely with our biofilm based wound care. Able to walk out on his native foot to get fitted for diabetic shoes with a smile on his face.

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64 y/o male with chronic venous insufficiency presented to the hospital for severe infection of venous leg ulcer. Was given several doses of intravenous antibiotics and discharged to our clinic. Using biofilm based wound care which includes: antibiofilm agents, debridement, and compression therapy, the ulcer was healed completely in two months.

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