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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, Tx

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, Tx

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, Tx

Negative pressure wound therapy is a method that uses a vacuum or a suction pump to draw out fluid & infection from a wound and promote the healing of the wound. It is an effective treatment for acute and chronic wounds. It helps heal complicated wounds.

This wound therapy aids wound healing by improving the rate of angiogenesis, capillary blood flow, basement membrane integrity, and decreasing edema and bacteria in the wound.

Why do I need negative pressure wound therapy?

We may recommend negative pressure wound therapy for severe or complicated wounds such as chronic wounds, severe burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, or severe injuries.

While this  NPWT wound therapy is a good choice for some patients, it is not ideal for everyone. We will conduct some preliminary tests and examine your wound to know if you are a good candidate for this therapy.

How does negative pressure wound therapy work in Lubbock, TX?

This therapy involves the usage of a special dressing, a tube, a negative pressure device (vacuum pump), and a canister.

We will fit layers of foam dressing to the build of your wound. The dressing will be stuffed with a film that has an opening where a tube is attached. The tube is attached to a vacuum pump and a canister to collect fluids.

The vacuum pump can either be set to suck out fluids or start and stop intermittently continuously. When the vacuum pump is put on, it applies negative suctioning pressure and slowly sucks out fluids and infection from your wound. The fluids are collected into the canister. As the vacuum pump sucks out fluids, it helps the edges of your wound to come together so that your wound closes gradually.

It also promotes the healing of your wound by stimulating new tissue growth.

As fluids and infection are sucked out, antibiotics and saline may also be pushed into the wound to kill bacteria and hydrate the wound to promote faster healing and prevent infection.

Benefits of negative pressure wound therapy

Benefits include:

  • Accelerates and promotes the healing of a wound.
  • Reduces the risk of infection.
  • Reduces the number of times dressing is changed.
  • Expanding the flow of blood to the wound promotes healing.

Process of negative pressure wound therapy in Lubbock, Tx

Process of negative pressure wound therapy in Lubbock, Tx

Process of negative pressure wound therapy in Lubbock, Tx

The process of negative pressure wound therapy is relatively simple. Our medical expert will attach a tube connected to a vacuum pump to the dressing. The vacuum pump will be put on, and negative pressure suctioning will be activated while maintaining a level of moistness around the wound.

Continuous suctioning of the wound is recommended for wounds with excessive drainage.

Intermittent suctioning is recommended for wounds that are not draining excessively. Intermittent suctioning is adjusted to the level of wound exudates.

The vacuum pump may be left on a wound for about 48 hours or more. The wound dressing should be altered every 48 to 72 hours or thrice weekly. The dressing may be changed more often if the wound is infected.

The ideal candidate for this therapy is based on the type & severity of your wound and your medical condition and will decide if you are a good candidate for this wound therapy or not.

We may recommend negative pressure therapy if you have:

  • Venous ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • First and second-degree burns
  • Chronic non-healing or surgical wounds
  • Wounds with excessive drainage
  • Acute surgical wounds


How long will NPWT take to heal my wound?

How long it takes to heal your wound depends on several factors such as your general health, the size & location of the wound, and the severity of your wound.

Can I shower while the NPWT device is on?

When you want to take a shower, you can disconnect the device. However, the device should not be put off for more than 2 hours each day. Do not shower with the device on to prevent a shock.

Can I take a bath with a wound VAC?

No. You can’t take a bath or immerse yourself in water. Water could get into the wound and can infect the wound. The dressing can become loose if it’s immersed in water.

Does using a wound VAC cause pain?

When a VAC device is put on, you may feel a stretching and pulling sensation around your wound. VAC therapy typically doesn’t hurt. If it’s hurting, it could indicate a complication.

When the dressing is changed, some people may experience pain and discomfort. You may be administered pain medication 30 to 60 minutes before changing the dressing to reduce pain and discomfort.

Potential complications of NPWT therapy

NPWT therapy is generally safe. However, certain complications may occur.

Potential complications include:

  • Sepsis
  • Hemorrhage
  • Bleeding
  • Bacterial infections
  • A lack of wound healing
  • Macerated skin (the softening and breaking of skin around a wound due to moisture)

When should I call for help?

Immediately call on us if you have:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Confusion
  • Bleeding around the wound
  • Ongoing itchiness or rash
  • Warmth or redness around the wound
  • Fever of 102°F or higher
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or fainting

Southwest Wound Care: Best Clinic for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, TX

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, TX

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Lubbock, TX

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You can be assured of the best treatment and care for your wound when you visit Southwest Wound Care Center and meet with our wound care specialist.