About Southwest Regional Wound Care Center

At the Southwest Regional Wound Care Center, all of our employees are dedicated to each and every patient that walks through our doors. We are proud that we can get the patient in and out of the clinic in 30-45 minutes.

A unique aspect of the Wound Care Center is our use of biofilm-based care. It is of utmost importance to know what is happening on the surface of the wound, but also below the surface. Every body is different and so is every wound; therefore, a universal treatment is just not an option. Using information from testing both your arterial and venous circulation and wound culture we are able to know the state of the wound. Treatment then begins using our biofilm based wound management to heal your specific wound.

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Mission Statement:

The Southwest Regional Wound Care Center is dedicated to healing wounds. Our healthcare professionals come together under one system, in one location, to accomplish one goal with their specialized skills –healing wounds. As a leader in treating hard to heal wounds, everything we do is carefully designed to nurture the whole patient and not just the wound.

Dr. Joseph “Joe” Wolcott MD, CWSP

Jose “Joey” Elizondo PA

Christy Hale PA

Jacklyn “Jackie” Jones FNP

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