Services Provided By South West  Regional Wound Care Center

Welcome to the world of more comprehensive wound care! At the Wound Care Center, our treatment plan is about so much more than just changing a bandage and sending a patient home. Our clinic is designed to treat not only wounds present on the surface, but any other underlying causes that will keep the wound from healing and may cause more wounds in the future.

Vascular studies and venous testing each help us determine whether or not there is enough blood and oxygen flow to the patient’s extremities. Using the results of these tests, we are able to narrow down our plan of care for the patient, answering whether venous procedures or HBO treatments are necessary. Another type of diagnostic tool we use, molecular diagnostics, helps us determine what bacteria are present on the wound bed. Knowing what bacteria we are fighting allows us to be more precise in the topicals, antibiotics, and dressings that we use to treat the wound.

All of our services work together to ensure that all of our patients will have a tailor-made wound care plan designed to facilitate healing.

Biofilm Based Wound Care

Electromyography (EMG)/ Nerve Conduction Study

Vascular Studies

Venous Disease Management

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBO)

Molecular Diagnostics

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